Don't Fear the Roast

There are SO MANY ways to enjoy a delicious, easy-to-cook roast!

Every cut of roast can be delicious!
Eck Ag Chuck Roast

When you order a side (or share) of beef, be it a quarter, half, or whole, you get to select exactly which cuts of meat you want and even the size of those cuts according to your wants/needs. I am frequently surprised by how many of our customers, when I call to walk through their cut list with them, elect not to get any roasts, or at least only want a few. Now, obviously, everyone’s taste buds are different and it’s no skin off our backs if you would prefer to have those cuts of meat (Chuck, Arm, Rump, and Pikes Peak roasts) turned into delicious ground beef instead. However, I find that many times it is “fear of the roast,” as I’ve come to call it – an unfamiliarity with these cuts - that leads to an intimidation factor that you may not know how to cook it so that it will be enjoyable. My goal with this post today is to encourage you NOT to fear roasts. There’s so much more that can be enjoyed than just the stereotypical roast with carrots and potatoes!

Where does your meat come from on the animal?
Cut Diagram