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a unique & intriguing crop



In 2008, heavy rains in April prevented Darrin and Clint from planting their usual corn crop, so they took a chance and planted cotton instead. At that time, cotton was a difficult crop to raise because there were so few herbicide choices to prevent weeds and there were limited options for harvesting.   

Cotton Harvest

Following the invent of new herbicide technology in late 2016, Eck Agriculture introduced cotton to its rotation once more. The new chemical technology increased acres throughout the area, and we saw an opportunity for custom harvesting. We established Eck Cotton in 2017 and currently operate two cotton strippers, both available for custom work.  


Making it unique from our other crops, cotton can be marketed straight to the end user, meaning the cotton raised on Eck Agriculture’s ground is sold directly to textile manufacturers for use in products we all know and love (and, most likely, wear).

Cotton being harvested
Bale of Cotton

For more information regarding

Eck Cotton custom harvesting,

you can reach out to us at

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