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caring for neighbors & our ground


Darrin’s dad taught him to take care of your farming neighbors, and that’s just what he did when starting Eck Ag Chemical and Fertilizer. This business offers a wide range of chemicals at fair pricing. As Eck Ag uses many of these same products on our personal farm ground, members of the community can witness their benefits firsthand.

By working with various vendors, Eck Ag guarantees multiple chemical options, tailoring a plan to fit each farmer’s specific operation, not simply relying on what is in stock at the time. And if we do not have available your requested chemical, we can have it delivered for you the same day or the day following. 

We are proud to be a John Deere Financing merchant. This program provides farmers zero percent interest and zero-down financing for the purchase of chemical, with the balance payable at the beginning of the following year. 

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Yield Plus Demonstration

This milo was all planted at the same time. The milo on the left was treated with Yield-Plus Liquid Fertilizer. Note the accelerated development of the plant thanks to proper fertilization.


We are also a dealer of Yield-Plus Liquid Fertilizer. This is one of the highest quality fertilizers produced, making it:

  • less corrosive for your equipment

  • safer for your sprayer operator

  • 100% available to the seed

  • free of impurities

For more information regarding the chemical options available or to discuss your specific chemical and fertilizer needs, please contact us at (620) 243-3462 or

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