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feeding our animals and yours


Eck Agriculture’s hay production has increased four-fold over the past couple years. We sell hay to local farmers and feedlots, as well as trucking it to dairies, exotic animal farms, and horse operations around the country to help producers feed their animals.  


Alfalfa is critical for soil health, making it an important aspect of our crop rotation. It also allows us to feed our cattle throughout the winter. Available for purchase, we offer dairy-quality, non-GMO alfalfa hay in round bales, and large or small squares. 


Round bales of wheat and crabgrass hay are also available. All

our hay is sampled and tested to determine its nutritional value, moisture content, and nitrate exposure. Most commonly,
our alfalfa hay is stored inside our hay

shed to maintain color and quality. 

Swathing hay
Baling Hay
Large square bales

For hay pricing and availability,

contact our office at

(620) 243-3462 or email

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