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Ordering a "side of beef" (be it a quarter, half, or whole) can be intimidating. But don't worry, we're here to help! We'll explain the weight of the animal you're purchasing and how much actual meat that equates to in your freezer. And, your cut list can be 100% customized to your taste and recipes.


Your meat will be available for pickup or local delivery, fully frozen, three weeks from the date it is dropped off at our processor. Full records are available on each animal, tracked by ear tag number, which will be noted on your order. We'll also keep your personalized cut order to make the process even easier next time.

A common question we receive is, "What cuts of meat are most tender?" If that's of importance to you, remember this general rule of thumb: less used = more tender. The muscles at the front of the animal are less used than those at the rear, which means they have more fat around them, and that fat is what makes a cut of meat tender.

Here is a look at some standard cuts that you'll get to choose from upon ordering:


Where does your meat come from?

Cuts of meat diagram


What cuts are available and what's best?

Chuck Roast
Short Ribs
Skirt Steak
T-bone Steak
KC Strips

From the CHUCK comes such cuts as the short ribs, arm roast, stew meat, and chuck roast (of course). Never heard of "chuck roast"? How about pot roast...same thing. It, along with your arm roast, are typically some of the more tender roasts with great flavor.

Common uses of the BRISKET meat include BBQ, corned beef, and pastrami. You get to choose if you'd like to receive the brisket or not. If you do not want brisket meat, it will be ground into hamburger meat.

Is your mouth beginning to water? It should because RIB steak is where one of the most popular steaks is cut. This is where those delicious ribeyes we all love come from. We'll ask you how thick you want them cut and how many to a package. 

More favorites being served up from the SHORT LOIN cuts. This is where we get those delicious T-bone steaks, KC Strips and tender filets! If you want the bone-in option, you'll get T-bones. With no bone, you receive strips & filets - so think about which you prefer...

We're not done talking about steaks yet, because you can't forget about SIRLOIN steaks. Sirloins are the ideal companion of the grill and we'll ask you how what size you prefer them portioned (8-10 oz is common). This meat is great for making fajitas and quesadillas!

FLANK steak/meat is a lean and boneless cut of meat taken from the abdominal muscles. (Skirt steak is a very similar cut of meat that comes from just in front of the flank.) We will let you tell us if you'd like either the skirt or the flank steak (or both, or neither).

Looking for minute steaks or chicken fries? Those popular cuts (often tenderized for you), along with additional roasts such as the RUMP, ROUND, and Pikes Peak roast are cut from these sections of the animal. Any of these cuts you don't want will just go into ground beef.

Hamburger can be packaged in 1 lb, 1.5 lb, or 2 lb chubs.
Hamburger patties are available for an additional fee.
Want soupbones, liver, heart, tongue, or tail? Just ask!

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