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Steaks on the Grill
Grilled Steak


How do you like it?

Sometimes, high quality cuts of meat like the ones you're purchasing seem to cook a little differently than you are used to. Don't worry, with a little practice you'll soon master it and be enjoying the best beef of your life! 

Here is our grilling guide to aid you in your efforts at cooking the perfect steak:

Rare = Seared outside (about 2 1/2 minutes on each side). Your meat should feel soft or spongy, with only slight resistance. When finished, you'll have a cool, red center and your meat thermometer should read around 125°F.

Medium Rare = Seared outside (3 to 4 minutes on each side). The meat will feel soft but slightly springy. The center will be warm and red, measuring 135°F on your thermometer.

Medium = Seared 4 minutes on each side. By now your meat should be starting to feel firm but still be springy. Measuring 145°F, your center should now be warm and pink.

Medium Well = Cooking 5 minutes on each side should bring the internal temperature to 150°F and leave you with a slightly pink center and a firm piece of meat with only a slight spring to it.

Well = Cooked at least 6 minutes on each side or until your meat is brown throughout. A well done (or ruined, as some like to say) steak will feel quite firm and spring back quickly. Internal temperature will reach 160°F

Season as desired before cooking. Once you have reached your desired temperature and level of "doneness," allow the steaks to rest for 5 minutes off the grill.

Roasts: Our tip for enjoying your roasts is to cook them low and slow (we love our crockpot). Be sure you are following us on Facebook as we share recipes for cooking your meat on our page to help you enjoy it even more!

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