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Heifers in milo stalks

cow/calf pairs & breeding heifers


Our seedstock program is focused on promoting efficiency without sacrificing animal performance. We believe that the Red Angus breed provides the best opportunity to accomplish that goal.  


Red Angus females excel in maternal traits, including mothering ability and fertility. We also find these animals to be incredibly adaptable – from heat tolerance to their docile natures. Our kids spend time with us moving among the herd and helping push animals through our working facilities, so there is no tolerance for poor dispositions. 


Influenced strongly by Beckton and 5L Red Angus genetics, our heifers are selected for calving ease, moderate frame size, and growth. We strive to raise mature cattle weighing 1200 pounds or less (nearly 200 pounds lighter than average) that can wean a 600-pound calf in late summer/early fall. For our area, and many areas similar, dry conditions are common. Efficient animals increase stocking density while still maintaining healthy body conditions, equating to more animals on less grass, meaning less supplemental feed required for your herd. On operations like ours, that graze cattle throughout most of the year, animal efficiency is vital. 


We want to make the introduction of new animals to your herd as seamless as possible. All heifers are:

  • calf-hooded

  • PI BVD tested

  • repro tract scored

  • vaccinated and dewormed (modified live pre-breeding)

  • identified with an EID button


They are available to purchase in the spring, ready to start breeding at your farm. You may elect to purchase bred heifers following preg check in the fall, or pick up your heifers in late winter once they come off milo stalks. If you prefer not to calve out heifers at your own farm, we will complete that stage for you, and have your pairs ready and worked for you in early spring.


We invite you to come to our farm – you’ll see that all of our animals are born in our backyard – so that you can decide which animals are best suited for your operation.

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