SINCE 1922 A Local Kansas Farm Family

Innovating, While Caring For Community, Local Agriculture, and Feeding/Clothing Kansas Families.

Lifestyle & Living Magazine Article

It’s 7:30pm; Darrin Eck, his partner in crime Beth Covington, DVM, and the kids – Peyton, Nathan, and Sophia - just sat down together for dinner. There are still chores to finish and more farming to be done. But this tradition of making time to eat together (even if it’s doing so in the field), to discuss the events of the day, and to make a plan for the next, is more important. At Eck Agriculture, located just west of Kingman, KS, family comes first. Community (their extended family) ranks right up there, too.

Long, hard days in agriculture are not new to them. It’s been a way of life since Darrin’s