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Saving Kansas Farming

Teaching the Next Generation of Farmers

Lifestyle & Living Magazine - Summer 2021

At Eck Agriculture, we are so grateful to live in agriculture. And that is truly what we are doing – living an industry, not just working a job. You won’t find set hours for our operation. We’re often up before sunrise and to bed after most are asleep. There are no sick days and very few “thank yous”. Despite it all – the physical, mental, emotional, and sometimes financial exhaustion - we cannot imagine doing anything else.

Eck Agriculture farms and ranches for the love of doing so. We take our children along with us every step of the way, just as our parents and grandparents did before us. Think about the lessons we are teaching them: the pride in completing a hard days’ work; the compassion that comes with animal husbandry; the tenacity to push forward when you realize that even with your best effort, a greater force sometimes has other plans. The ice storm this past winter is a perfect example. It was an incredibly trying time for Eck Agriculture, as we worked around the clock to protect our mommas from brutal winds and to keep our newborn calves dry and warm. Our employees did not complain; the kids – decked out in ski bibs, hand warmers in pockets and smiles on their faces – stuck by our sides and kept plugging away, their work ethics already beginning to shine through.

Eck Agriculture, and other farm and ranch operations like it, exists because generations have paved the way before us. They’ve sustained the ground to keep it fertile for the next season, and the next generation. They’ve instilled in their children the desire to nurture and grow, both crops and livestock, that are necessary to feed and clothe communities. You can imagine this lifestyle doesn’t appeal to everyone. And the often-negative portrayal of agriculture, particularly in relation to beef production, doesn’t do it any favors. Even those with a desire to pursue such a worthy calling may become disheartened without proper support.

We have a unique goal at Eck Agriculture: to ensure complete transparency to our customers; to educate when possible; and to encourage the next generation. To that end, we invite you to come to our farm to witness how our cattle are handled and raised, and to participate in our new animal selection program. Through this program, we allow you to select a momma cow and reserve your half beef from her offspring each year. Each animal spends its entire life on ground that Eck Agriculture farms, meaning we will provide pictures and videos throughout every stage of production. Now, you can have absolute assurance of how and where your family’s meat was raised. You may even name your calf and have it tagged accordingly. We hope this generates a personal connection with your animal and a greater respect for the finished product.

Just as we believe farming, ranching, and veterinary medicine is our mission to fulfill, so do we understand that it is necessary to inspire and encourage future generations to a life in agriculture. To remain committed to that promise, for every half beef sold through this unique program Eck Agriculture will donate $100 to the National FFA (Future Farmers of America) Organization’s chapter of your choosing. To reserve your ½ beef through the animal selection program and support future generations of farmers, email us today at


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