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Moooo-vin' on the pasture

Hey guys! Remember me, Margo? I've really grown up since our last chat. I'm loving life out grazing green grass right now, made even greener and tastier with our recent rain!

Dr. Beth vaccinated and dewormed me several weeks before I left the farm, with my mom, 64 Moo, to go to pasture. She says the vaccines will help protect me against summer pneumonia and will help me stay healthy during weaning later this fall. Mom received vaccines, too. Hers are supposed to protect against diseases that could affect her ability to breed back (guess I'm getting a brother or sister!!).

I'm in a pasture with 70 other mommas and calves, so I have lots of playmates! Darrin grouped all of the black animals together and picked this pasture special for us, and boy am I glad to be here as it has so many trees for shade and a huge pond to soak in! He said the red animals need shade, too, but they like this pasture for us better it sure gets hot with our black hides. Dr. Beth comes to see me once week to make sure I'm doing good, and I'm usually sleeping under a shade tree in the afternoons when she comes by.

Speaking of the humans checking on us, they come into the pasture with a pick-up and all the moms go crazy! They start mooing and pushing their way close to the truck. You almost need ear plugs! Then, this spigot drops from the cake box and cubes fall out of the truck! Mom says it's the best when you eat them directly from the spigot instead of off the grass. She's always first in line for snacks. She says I'm too small now, but she'll teach me how to do a cube stand once I'm older.

Well, I feel that afternoon nap coming on, so we'll talk again soon!


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