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"I Don't KNOW Margo!"

Hello world! I have FINALLY arrived. At least that's what Dr. Beth had to say to me when I met her for the first time as she was checking me over thoroughly, not too long after I abruptly hit the ground. The humans keep saying I was late. Per their records, my mom, 64 Moo, calves each year around February 9th. They were all laughing about mom being too intimidating for yearling bulls – maybe I’ll understand that when I’m older?!

I also got to meet my "boy", Nathan. Since I'm his calf, I get a special name, not just a number. So now they're all calling me Margo. Apparently there's some sort of reference to something called "Christmas Vacation," whatever that is... He even gave me this cool new piece of jewelry in my ear with my name on it so they can easily identify and check on me. It even has the brand he wants to have some day - he drew it on there himself. I don't think they'll have any trouble though...I'm the only calf out here that looks anything like me. Almost everyone else is red. Apparently I got some "unique markings" from my mom.

Speaking of Mom, I'm pretty hungry and she has an amazing bag full of this fabulous white substance the humans are calling milk. I guess it also has lots of nutrients to help me grow big and strong and stay healthy. They also tell me that one day I'll be a herd momma, just like her. Sounds like I've got a lot ahead of me - but for now it's dinner time. I'm off to see my mom, but I'll check in with you all again soon.


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