Freezer Frenzy

Will all this meat fit in your freezer? We'll help you figure it out...

3 cu ft freezer
How big of a freezer do I need?

We understand that purchasing meat directly off the farm for the first time may seem a little overwhelming. We try to make the experience as similar to having your own personal butcher as possible, but there are components – like the live weight of the animal and the dressing percentage (which ultimately affects the number of pounds in your freezer) – that remain somewhat variable. Read on to learn about how much meat you can store in your freezer and let us introduce you to our bundle options, designed to reduce some of the guesswork with your order.

Let’s talk freezer space. A good rule of thumb is: one cubic foot of freezer space needed for every 30-35 pounds of packaged meat. To put this into perspective, standard top refrigerator/freezers are roughly 4 cubic feet. Bottom drawer freezers may offer 6-7 cubic feet of freezer space, with side-by-side units offering 8-9 cubic feet. Remember that these are guidelines…. How thick your steaks are cut and how many are in a package, what chub size you choose, and the packaging itself will all affect freezer space. And, let’s be honest, packing a freezer all comes down to whether you were paying attention to Tetris in the 80s.