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Free local pickup, and $8 delivery (orders of $100+), available in the Kingman and Wichita area. Flat rate shipping ($25) available anywhere in Kansas or surrounding states. For shipping outside this area, please contact us at

Akaushi Wagyu Beef

If you want the perfect steak without the guilt, Akaushi really is the whole package. Akaushi cattle are genetically predisposed to accumulate an intense amount of intramuscular fat, or marbling (think of those little while flecks threaded throughout raw meat). What’s more, that intramuscular fat has a ratio of higher monounsaturated fats (the good fats) to saturated (the bad fats) – higher than any other beef in the United States. Monounsaturated fats really provide the flavor you seek in beef, and Akaushi does not disappoint. Expect a rich, buttery flavor that is tender and juicy throughout, coupled with health benefits.

One monounsaturated fat found in Akaushi, oleic acid, the compound in olive oil, is touted by the American Heart Association as “good for the heart.” Akaushi beef is also a natural source of conjugated linoleic acid, an antioxidant with cancer-fighting capabilities. It doesn't get much better than that!

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