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Eck Agriculture takes pride in raising beef responsibly. Each animal is born in our backyard and remains under our care throughout its lifespan. Expect full transparency from us as the animal moves from our farm to your table.

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We are focused on highly maternal, smaller-framed, efficient cattle. We believe our replacement heifers and cow/calf pairs will bring value to your herd.  

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applying chemical

Eck Ag works with multiple distributors, including Helena, Simplot, and Van Diest, to provide farmers a reasonable price for your chemical and fertilizer needs.  

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In 2017, we increased our number of acres planted to cotton and started offering custom harvesting. Eck Agriculture now operates two machines for custom stripping.

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Harvesting Cotton
Hay Bales

We raise high quality, non-GMO alfalfa hay. Available in round bales, large squares, or small squares, our hay is a nutrient-rich option for your horses, dairy, or beef operation.

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Find us at Kansas Grown! Farmers Markets (21st & Ridge | Wichita) this summer!

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