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Take the guesswork out of the equation (i.e. How big is the rail weight of my animal? How much meat will be in my side? What will the final amount in my freezer be? What's the finish percentage? How much will it all cost? Etc.) With our pre-determined bundles, you'll know exactly what you're getting and how much it will cost. And, you can select a smaller amount if a half or a quarter is just a little more than you feel you can commit to. Check out all the options and select the one that best fits your needs. (Subject to availability - will be fulfilled the next processing date if not enough in inventory.)

50 lb bundle - 10 lbs of steaks; 12-15 lbs roast and misc. cuts; 25-30 lbs. ground beef

75 lb bundle - 15 lbs of steaks; 18-25 lbs roast and misc. cuts; 35-45 lbs. ground beef

100 lb bundle - 20 lbs of steaks; 25 lbs roast and misc. cuts; 55 lbs. ground beef

200 lb bundle - 45 lbs of steaks; 55 lbs roast and misc. cuts; 100 lbs. ground beef

300 lb bundle - 65 lbs of steaks; 85 lbs roast and misc. cuts; 150 lbs. ground beef

400 lb bundle - 90 lbs of steaks; 110 lbs roast and misc. cuts; 200 lbs. ground beef

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