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Bundle of the Month - Quick Fix Meals Bundle

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A new month means a new Bundle of the Month, and we know all you busy people out there - working hard but just never feeling like you have enough time to get everything done - are going to love this month's bundle. It's our "Quick Fix Meals" bundle, filled with all the meats you need to make quick and delicious meals for your family this month!
  • 1 pkg - pre-cut, ready to cook Fajita Meat (add your favorite seasoning and veggies and you're good to go)
  • 1 pkg - pre-cut, cubed Kabob Meat (add seasoning, skewer, and grill!)
  • 1 family sized Roast (just throw it in the crockpot - we even have a great recipe suggestion if you need it here... www.eckag.com/post/dont-fear-the-roast)
  • 1 pkg - Hamburger Patties (4 pre-made 1/3 lb hamburger patties - just thaw and grill)
All this for just $65. At that price, maybe you should order 2. Meals all month long that are healthy and delicious...and EASY!
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